We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Term 2 when the Christian value will be Trust
St. Mary’s is a place where girls and boys discover an early love of learning, based on Christian values. We offer a warm, welcoming and secure environment, in a school that believes in a strong sense of family community, in close partnership with the Church.

We also offer an excellent Out of School Club, for those parents who require childcare facilities outside of school hours.

Our priorities are to nurture each individual child to respect and value one another, and to gain confidence in themselves. At St. Mary’s, teaching is supportive with inspirational and vibrant lessons. Our children experience high standards of education, encouraging independent thinking, whilst acquiring a knowledge of the world around them.

St. Mary’s children grow into well-rounded, academically accomplished individuals.


Thank you for your interest in our school. We look forward to welcoming you into the Christian community of St Mary’s. The link between the Primary School and the Parish Church goes back to the foundation of the school over 170 years ago. It forms the Christian ethos that contributes so much to St Mary’s being a happy school. There are caring relationships throughout the school, where Christian values are actively promoted. This enables each child to develop their full potential.

Members of St Mary’s Church form over half the governing body of the school which ensures that church and school stay closely linked, and that faith permeates the way the school is run. As a church we pray regularly for the school, and seek to promote its welfare.

We at St Mary’s love to see the children coming over to church frequently for school services, and for other visits as part of their Religious Education. We hope the children will feel completely relaxed and at home in St Mary’s

As Vicar, I lead school collective worship regularly. Other members of the church, with partners from Thornbury Churches Together, bring ‘Open the Book’ into assembly. The children love to see and to take part in Bible stories being acted out. We at St Mary’s are delighted that many school families are active members of either St Mary’s and St Paul’s, or churches of other denominations with whom we have close ecumenical links.

Our aim is to give your children the best possible foundation for life, one that includes valuing their own spirituality, developing their sense of Christian values, and praying for their growing faith.

Rev’d Dr Jan van der Lely